This will be my Projects in Motion page.  It’s a placeholder for me to see what projects I’m currently working on.   Since I get bored quickly I can handle 3-4 projects at a time.  By the end of the month I should have a few completed projects.

I want to try things a little different for 2017, so I’m putting myself on notice.   My WIP’s have really gotten out of control and my yarn stash has multiplied. My crochet taste changed.  I no longer get joy out of making  blankets, hats and scarfs.  My focus now will be on tops, sweaters and jackets.

Oh yeah, before I forget I found a new love, Corner to Corner (c2c).  I tried this technique before and didn’t quite get it.  A year later, I tried it again and got it.   So far I’ve made scarfs, hats and a pillow.  Now will be the time for a graphgan challenge.

Here’s my first one on my list.

Click on the picture or title and it will take you where the pattern is found. These pattern are either paid or free.  Paid patterns are purchased by me and I will give my honest opinion on the design.

It’s Nippy Outside
It’s Nippy Outside

Here’s my version of the It’s Nippy Outside.

I would definitely make this again.  The pattern is suitable for an Advanced Beginner.  It works up pretty quickly and it can be definitely can be made on a weekend.