Cutie Pie Boot Cuffs

Cutie Pie Boot Cuffs


I love making these quick boot cuffs.  They make nice gifts and it’s a stash buster.   The simple stitches and texture creates various looks.  A skein of yarn will make two pair of boot cuffs.  I usually do not wear what I make but I would definitely wear these Cutie Pie Boot Cuffs.  You can make a pair for every outfit in your closet.

This is an easy pattern with repeats and can be finished in an hour.


RedHeart Super Saver Worsted Weight  – Aran

I Hook (5.5 mm)

Tapestry Needle



ch – chain

st – stitch

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

fpdc – front post double crochet     Here’s a link to fpdc if you need help.

blo – back loop only

Pattern Notes:

  • Pattern is worked in rows and rounds
  • Bottom Band measures approximately 11”-12” across
  • Crochet with right side facing you
  • Ch1/Ch2 does not count as stitch
  • Color changes are given if you are using two colors (Brown and Aran cuffs)


  • 4 X 4 = 15dc X 10 rows


Medium (13”-14”)


Row 1:  With Aran yarn, leave a long tail, ch10, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each st to end, turn. (9)

Row 2 – 39:  Ch1, blo sc in each st to end, turn.


Change color here

Join to form a ring (circle).  You are now working on the top half of the boot cuff.

You will now work in ROUNDS

Round 1 – 2:  Ch1, sc in same st as join, sc around evenly 40X, join to 1 sc. (40)

Change color here after Round 2

Round 3:  Ch2, dc in same st as join, dc in next st, dc in each st to end, join to first dc.

Round 4 – 8:  Ch1, fpdc in same st as join, (dc in next st, fpdc in next st) repeat ( ) around, join to fpdc.

Change color here

Round 9 – 10:  Ch1, sc in same st as join, sc in next st, sc in each st to end.

Finish off and weave ends.

Turn inside out and whipstitch to close and turn to the right side.

Hope you enjoyed this pattern!

Yarn Used Below:  Sundance Sahara

Cutie Pie Boot Cuffs11

Cutie Pie Boot Cuffs33

Cutie Pie Boot Cuffs55

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Free Shark Crochet Patterns

Free Shark Crochet Patterns

Sharks, sharks, and more sharks.  What’s that swimming in the water?  It’s a bird, nope, it’s a plane, nope, it’s a SHARK!  Quick, grab your hook, yarn and pattern and start crocheting these 5 free crochet patterns.  These patterns are among my favorites and something I would actually make on dry land.  There’s something for every skill level.


Shark Hat
Shark Blanket
Shark Pencil Pouch
Baby Shark Hat and Booties
Shark Hat
Free Crochet Shark Patterns

Clicking the links will take you directly to their website.

1 Shark Swaddle

2 Shark Pouch

Shark Beanie

4 Shark Blanket

5 Shark Beanie

Please share this post using the links below and do not copy and post these patterns as your own, link them back the rightful designer.

Fun Facts about Sharks

Happy Hooking

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Help My Pet Is Cold

Help my pet is cold, what can you crochet for your beloved four-legged friend?  A crochet sweater of course.  Crocheting something for an animal is quite new for me.  I was asked to crochet a sweater for my grandcat who is here visiting.  I got busy, found a pattern and a couple of hours later I made my first cat sweater.  Click here to be taken to the original pattern by DIY Maven.

Meow Sweater

There’s nothing wrong with the pattern but it didn’t give me that “wow” factor.  I followed the instructions but it was very short and all of her goodies were exposed.  If you make this you may want to make it a little snug.  The front paw sleeves are not separated leaving a big hole.  Hmmmm, a big hole you say?  By the time my cat rolled around a few times the sweater was off and she left quickly to hide.  That type of cat sweater was a no go for me.  Good thing it didn’t take long to make and it wasn’t a yarn waster.  It was good first attempt.

I’m glad that I don’t give up easily.  I fell in love with the Candy Cane Cat Sweater by Alicia Moore.  Since it had a frilly bottom I decided to use some fun colors.  This one was much better, it was longer and it had separated paw sleeves.  This cat sweater is a WINNER!

Meow Sweater

Awww, isn’t she pretty.  She looks great in her new sweater and I think she’s not a fan of this one either.  Over time she will get use to wearing clothes just as she did with her leash.

Never say anything is impossible.  Please leave a comment below and share your favorite pet sweater pattern.

Happy Hooking and please share on social media below 🙂