2017 Goals
2017 Goals

Happy New Year and may you have a blessed 2017.

Goals are meant to be achieved will be my 2017 challenge.  Everyone does a New Year’s resolution and says “new year, new me”. I’m guilty of that also and within a week everything that I had planned to achieved failed.  Most often we set unrealistic goals and we set ourselves up for failure.

There have been many times when I have told myself no more yarn, no more storage containers, no more craft stores, no more crochet patterns, you get the point.  It’s nothing wrong with having these things but my problem is organizing all of it.  I have bags and boxes of new yarn scattered throughout my house.  You know, out of sight out of mind!  My yarn stash is a major battle and I can’t get it organized until other areas of the house are organized.  I’ll save this for a later time.  Back to my goal.

It’s impossible for me to organize and clean in one day so I had to break my assignments into smaller segments.  For me it was best to start small and work my up to larger areas.  I started with the guest bathroom and my bathroom.  You never know how much hair and makeup product you have until you start cleaning.  Old makeup, lotions, hair products and things I just don’t use were all thrown away.  I’ve found brand new, never opened eye shadows and some that I’ve forgotten all about.  I made two piles, the keep pile and the sell pile.  Why not turn my unused items into $$$.  There’s nothing wrong with the makeup and it would be  great for someone starting out in the makeup world.

After a couple of weeks of keeping my bathroom clean it gave me a good feeling every time I went in there.  Everything was neat and in place.  The counter top is clean and everything I use has a home.  Before I leave out in the morning it is a habit to make sure my bathroom is spotless.  So you can teach an old dog new tricks, lol.

That’s one goal down for 2017 and I’m quite proud of myself.

For more ideas on organizing ideas/solutions head on over to Home Storage Solutions 101.  I’m participating in the 52 Week Home Organized Challenge.  There’s something to organize or declutter everyday and it would only take about 15 minutes of your time.  Your focus is only on one area of the house, unlike my focus, which is all over the place.

What are some of your goals for 2017 and where do you go for your inspiration?

2017 Goals


I started crocheting again after many years. Back then when I thought of the word crochet a granny square comes to mind first. No one was wearing crocheted clothes and the fad of crocheting died. I picked up a hook and some yarn and I was on my way. No more granny square blankets for me. Thanks to the internet you can learn anything you want and if you search just a little bit further you will find people who share your passion. I immediately I became enthralled in Pinterest, Ravelry and Facebook crochet groups. If I ran into a snag there was YouTube, I can learn a new stitch from a live person. So two years later here I am, a certified crochet addict and lover of yarn.

If you are a die hard crocheter you will understand. I have so many WIP’s going on at one time until I confuse myself. The attack of the yarn has made it to my home. Yarn has found it’s way from my computer room, bedroom, and now it rests in the family room. Pretty funny having my son’s friends over and they are moving yarn to sit down and I provide the entertainment of showing them my finished work. I think that’s the real reason why they want to come by so much.

To combat the many unfinished projects I decided to keep an online presence of what I do, make and find on the web.

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